Jacek Rzepka designer | LEGNICKA PARK APARTMENTS
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Total Area

24,000 m2


Wroclaw, Poland

About This Project

Location of this mixed use development is in a fast growing new district centre in Wroclaw city. It was design to accommodate new office and retail space as well as 250 apartments. Because the site lays very close to heavy traffic, multi lane road, all apartments were located behind the buffer of office block. For the same reason each apartments living room was located to the inner part with overlooking to internal semiprivate atrium garden. This way designers were trying to improve the condition of living in district centre. Internal atrium garden were to be planted with high trees which created privet forest like space for all occupants. Stripes on front elevation are also in ideological relation to this internal forest. The whole front elevation is a graphical iconic interpretation of tree trunks in the fores.