Donnybrook Mall - Jacek Rzepka Architect
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Donnybrook Mall

Donnybrook Apartments Donnybrook Apartments Donnybrook Apartments
About This Project

This conceptual preliminary design is for mixed use development accommodating commercial space on ground level and apartments on upper tree levels. Whole development contains 30 apartments and over 1000 m2 of retail. The location of the site on the junction corner of two streets creates very strong articulation for every building. This fact was used to design general form and idea for elevation. Designers were trying to create an illusion that every single element of this building dynamically wraps around the corner and creates motion of space captured in single frame. Elevation of apartments was designed as series of mobile perforated metal panels which works as shutters. That kind of a system adds random aesthetics creating effect of continues motion and that elevation will never look exactly the same. This way its look is in full interaction with its users.