JBC - Jacek Rzepka Architect
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JBC Residential Tower JBC Residential Tower JBC Residential Tower JBC Retail Centre JBC Residential Tower JBC
Total Area

265,000 m2



About This Project

This development was designed as mixed-use urban quarter which was to generate high-end district centre. The design accommodates over 500 large apartments, retail and commercial areas, crèche and cultural complex with cinema, art galleries, etc. The development also consist of underground carpark for over 1300 cars, 500 of which are located in automated car retrieval systems. Pedestrian streets splits the whole site creates excellent permeability to it and connects the site with urban fabric of the city. The iconic 37 storeys high tower was designed to accommodate luxuries apartments and for that reason it was designed also to have a different treatment of elevation in relation to other buildings. Height of all other buildings varies from 10 to 18 storeys. There was also designed an underground retail mall with the crystal-like shaped hot houses, each landscaped with plants from different parts off the world.