Lake House - Jacek Rzepka Architect
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Lake House

Luxury Lake House

Jacek Rzepka

About This Project

In this charming setting, and inside a very quiet and intimate private estate with few existing historic buildings, this modern Lake House is an oasis with beautiful panoramic views of the lake in rural Ireland. Simplicity of the contemporary form of the house enhance quite and natural surroundings. The design idea was to create a transparent floating house over the river that will emphasize strong relation to nature and landscape. Connection with the nature was reflected in carefully chosen location just on the shore, in selected materials, and interior design.

House overhangs over the waters of the lake creating a cantilevered floating effect as no columns where planned into the water. Terrace over the water is providing uninterrupted views to the lake, and by its isolation, intimacy and a sense of timelessness.